Content (Copywriting)

What Is Content?

Content is any type of media that is created and used online. Examples include articles, videos, podcasts, etc.

At CONTENTAMIGO, we create website content for local businesses.

What Our Content Process Looks Like

After an order for content has been placed, we take the following steps:

  1. Keyword Intent Analysis: Confirm the target keyword matches the page type that needs to be created.
  2. SERP Analysis: Then we look at the organic search results on Google for the given keyword.
  3. Content Brief: We take the data from the intake form + our analysis to create a Content Brief document. The Content Brief includes:
    • Author Information
      • Title, Content Type, Word Count, Target Keyword, Related Keywords, Niche, Competitors, Client Notes, CTA, Resources, Content Outline
    • SEO Recommendations
      • Page Title, Meta Description, URL, Internal Links, External Links
    • Great Content Brief: Example
    • Next-Level Content Brief: Example
  4. Topic Research: The Content Brief is sent to the writer. Now the writer can begin researching the topic in depth so that the copy they come up with is accurate and factual.
  5. Clearscope Optimization: The writer will create the copy in Clearscope to give the copy a competitive edge.
  6. Plagiarism Check: Finalized copy is run through a plagiarism checker to ensure it’s original content.
  7. AI Check: Finalized copy is run through an AI checker to ensure it was handwritten.

Types of Content We Make

CONTENTAMIGO can create several types of SEO content:

Content Examples

Here are some examples of content we’ve recently done for local SEO clients:


Content Experts

At CONTENTAMIGO our focus is on creating stellar content. If you’re ready to get started, place an order today!