CONTENTAMIGO was founded in 2022 by Dani Owens. CONTENTAMIGO specializes in helping small businesses and digital agencies create stellar content!

About Dani Owens

Dani Owens has been in the digital marketing field since 2011. In 2014 she started her local SEO consultancy Pigzilla.

Her resources have been mentioned and shared by local SEO experts such as Eric Ward, Darren Shaw, Phil Rozek, Marie Haynes, David Mihm and Local U.

From small, independent Mom-and-Pop shops, to enterprises with thousands of locations, Dani Owens has years of experience strategizing and implementing reliable local SEO tactics that lead to increased organic traffic and conversions.

Before Pigzilla I worked at a digital agency for five years where I was able to gain a lot of enterprise SEO experience. During this time, we focused on digital marketing for dealers and brands that sold products within stores that they did not own. This gave me the opportunity to work with large international brands such as STIHL, Club Car, Ariens & Gravely, etc. These types of clients sold their products in hundreds to thousands of locations. I was able to soak up as much local SEO knowledge as I could from my brilliant team members. In addition, I spent hours reading articles, tutorials and case studies online. To this day, that is how I keep myself up to date on changes in the SEO industry.

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