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Our CONTENTAMIGO affiliate program is designed to reward our loyal clients with 10% of each order you send our way.

For example, if someone you refer places an order for $250, you get $25! This applies to recurring orders as well.

Features & Benefits

  • Earn 10% of each order placed by those you refer
  • 30-day tracking cookie
  • Monthly payments made via PayPal
  • Quick commission approval (31 days, or upon final order delivery)
  • Low ($100) minimum payout

How To Use Your Affiliate Link

Simply copy your affiliate link and share it with whomever you’d like via email, social media, blog articles, etc.

How to Become a CONTENTAMIGO Affiliate

Step 1) Open a free account here:

Step 2) Send us an email from here and tell us what email address you used to create your account in step one.

That’s it!