WordAgents Alternative: CONTENTAMIGO vs WordAgents

Differences Between WordAgents & CONTENTAMIGO

Looking for an alternative to WordAgents? Do you want to know the difference between WordAgents and CONTENTAMIGO? Read our guide below based on our own experience of using WordAgents.

Comparison Chart: CONTENTAMIGO vs WordAgents

FocusLocal SEO Content + SEO ContentSEO Content
Subscription Required
Price$250 for 1,000 Words$70 for 1,000 Words
Copy Quality⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Turnaround Time10 Business Days7 Business Days
Content Brief
SEO Recommendations
For an additional fee
Plagiarism Check
AI Check
Schema Markup
Clearscope Optimization
Yes, but you have to have your own Clearscope subscription. Clearscope starts at $170/mo. Plus, you have to pay 50% more for their writers to write in Clearscope.

WordAgents Pros and Cons

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Content costs are very cheapCopy quality is poor, writers don’t follow directions often
Placing orders is easyOrders are commonly delivered late


Our focus at CONTENTAMIGO is Local SEO content as well as general SEO content. WordAgents does not specialize in Local SEO content at this time.

Subscription Required

Neither CONTENTAMIGO nor WordAgents require you to create an ongoing subscription for content. However, CONTENTAMIGO does offer a 10% discount on content orders if you sign up for a subscription.


WordAgents is cheaper than CONTENTAMIGO, but that is by design. We want to offer a better product than WordAgents so that’s why our content costs more.

Copy Quality

Based on our experience, the quality of WordAgents copy is poor. Their copywriting had some issues, including run-on sentences, inaccuracies, vagueness, and grammar problems.

When we sent over content briefs, it was common for the writers to ignore the content brief instructions.

We are partial of course, but we feel that CONTENTAMIGO’s content quality is better than WordAgents because we:

  • Require all applicants to take an SEO content quiz. Those that don’t know the basics don’t make it to the next step.
  • Require all applicants attend a video interview to make sure they are real people, and speak English fluently.
  • Require all applicants to perform a test order before officially inviting them to the team.
  • We supply our writers with training as needed. But we look for writers who already have skill.
  • We pay our writers twice as much as WordAgents.
  • We look to hire those who want to stay on board long-term, not just those who are in college looking for a side job.
  • We require that the Content Brief instructions be followed closely.
  • We are strict with our content QA checklist.
  • Our team is very happy and is not overworked!

Turnaround Times

WordAgents turnaround time is seven business days. When we ordered content via WordAgents in 2022, almost 50% of our 13 orders were not delivered on time.

CONTENTAMIGO’s turnaround times are 10 business days, but we are diligent about getting you your orders on time.

Content Briefs

CONTENTAMIGO creates detailed Content Briefs (manually filled out by humans with SEO skills) and we send them to you for approval before getting started on your copy. This way, you know exactly what your piece of content will cover before we write it.

WordAgents does not create Content Briefs or include them in their orders. However, you can upload your own for them to use.

SEO Checks & Recommendations

When ordering Next-Level Content with CONTENAMIGO, we include the following SEO checks and recommendations with your orders:

  • Plagiarism Check
  • AI Check
  • SEO Recommendations
    • Page Title
    • Meta Description
    • URL
    • Internal Links + Anchor Text (if applicable)
    • External Links (if applicable)
  • Clearscope Optimization

WordAgents does not include SEO recommendations with their orders.


WordAgents does include images in their content orders but at an additional cost, while CONTENAMIGO supplies one free stock image with each content order.

Plagiarism Check

Both CONTENTAMIGO and WordAgents check your content for plagiarism.

AI Check

WordAgents does not check for AI-generated content. At CONTENTAMIGO, we run your content through an AI detection tool.

Schema Markup

CONTENTAMIGO includes Schema Entities markup on all Next-Level Content orders. WordAgents does not include Schema markup in their content orders.

Clearscope Optimization

WordAgents offers Clearscope optimization, however, you will need your own Clearscope account. Clearscope starts at $170/mo.

CONTENTAMIGO offers Clearscope optimization on all Next-Level Content orders but we use our own Clearscope account. This saves you at least $170/mo + the pain of having to sign up for yet another service.


In conclusion, WordAgents has its place and many enjoy its services. If you need cheap content, WordAgents may be a good fit for you. But if you are looking for better quality content that is still affordable, give CONTENTAMIGO a try!